About Sandi

I’m a strategic interventionist, leadership consultant, and executive coach, but you might also call me a dream team builder and profit ninja. (The best leaders have them!)

I help women leaders – business owners, corporate and nonprofit executives - who long to feel confident about their ability to lead a team to grow profits, but never quite feel like their efforts are good enough. I guide them through the model of the Zen of Profit, a philosophy of bringing balance to teams – and organizations – doing work that matters while making a healthy profit.

I know from helping thousands of people from all over the country for the last two decades, that there is a simple process that works to get your team on the same page, invent the kind of culture where no one wants to leave (employees and contractors alike), and to create the capacity that builds both people and profits.

I believe that courageous women - like you - will change the world. That’s why I'm offering a complimentary session to work together on YOUR biggest conflict. Click here to schedule 30 minutes with me... 




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