Client Comments

"Through my work with Sandi, I have achieved a greater confidence in managing a large team of 20+ colleagues, driving results for our clients. While I always had the skill set, Sandi helped me improve those skills and redirect my energies towards a positive working environment.  This has helped me both professional and personally and although I am challenged everyday, I can step back and look at the situation more objectively. We focused on communication, solely as respects my own communication; choice of words, understanding what motivates each team member, what is their communication style and how do I tap into their style to motivate each member to perform for our clients. I also used this skill to manage both up and down to improve my position in the company. Although this transformation did not occur overnight, I am very pleased with the results!"

~Insurance Executive


"Sandi is a phenomenal teacher, coach and colleague.  She helped facilitate a project which brought together healthcare providers and administrators from multiple settings, including the VA, DOD, Academic Health Centers and private health centers.  Largely through Sandi’s leadership and direction, we were able to help these various groups develop and implement chronic pain programs for the populations they serve.  Sandi was instrumental in guiding both the process as well as the content that allowed this collaborative effort to achieve the desired results.  I subsequently have used much of what I learned about that process to address issues back at my university. 

The transformation that I observed was both at the level of the individual and the group.  On an individual level, I saw participants enhance their leadership skills, gain confidence in their abilities and embrace the challenges of the work they were taking on.  This truly felt transformational.  I personally gained a new perspective on how to facilitate groups from observing Sandi and experiencing the shift in the group dynamic that occurred.  By the end of the project, individual teams had transformed into functional units and the overall group developed a sense of alignment and shared purpose.

Creative and innovative ideas to address the problem emerged through the process Sandi facilitated.  In addition, at the team level, various groups were able to work through strategic, leadership and communication problems and in doing so gain new momentum for the initiatives they were implementing within their Institutions."  

~ Senior Vice President and Integrative Medicine Physician


"I realized I had undervalued my worth.  I would often look around at colleagues and friends and wish that I was smarter, more organized, more creative, etc.  Often times I would feel frustrated or saddened that I wasn’t the “best”.  After the workshop I attended with you in Austin, I realized you can’t be the best at something when it’s not your calling.  I was existing in this life, but not living it.  I have regrouped and started focusing on the talents that I believe God gave me.  He chose me to be the mother of my three kids, to enjoy being a homemaker, to love cooking and to experience true joy when I serve others.  As a result, I had the confidence to negotiate differently and doubled my hourly rate on a recent contract."


~ Doctor of Education and Senior Researcher



"Thank you for helping me pinpoint what the problems were and what steps I could take to resolve several things that were eating away at my peace and  joy."

~ Small Business Owner







"Thanks for helping me create a strategic plan to expand my forensic practice and for the support through thick and thin. You helped me find the courage to be a speaker for many legal organizations.  As a result my CV is quite a few pages longer! And you helped me create a true "team" in every sense of the word. 

~ Forensic Psychologist