We Give Back

It is our honor to give back to a hurting world from our abundance, and we corporately support the following organizations:


charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.  100% of donor funds are passed through to programs. www.charitywater.org


World Teacher Aid is a Canadian charity committed to improving education throughout the developing world with a focus on IDP settlements (Internally Displaced Persons – communities that have been uprooted from their homes). Our current projects are within Kenya and Ghana.

As a charity we are committed to providing access to education for students within settled IDP Camps. We accomplish this vision through the renovation and/or construction of schools. www.worldteacheraid.org


Serving Roatán since 2007, the Abundant Life Foundation is a frontier philanthropic organization with a strong resume of accomplishment in the region. Fueled by passion and a genuine love for the locals, our work is focused across three primary initiatives: education, community and conservation. We identify opportunities to make the most impact, and we take a long-term, community-driven approach with the goal of providing sustainable solutions, building upon the skills of community members, and leading to personal and community growth and well-being.  100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.



Discovery Austin has its beginnings in the 1980s with psychologists Joe McGraw, Thelma Box, and Phil McGraw. Finding that divorce rates in their family practice were no better than national rates, they developed a program that focused on individual healing and growth. Fred Lowder and Brett Stalcup adapted this program to provide a shorter and less expensive option. Discovery was born and continues to grow and impact lives.

No matter your race, religion, past, or outlook, Discovery will help you address the issues you want to look at and enrich your life. Discovery is a safe place with no judgements and no agendas, for people to reflect on their life and chart a path ahead. Folks come to Discovery from every walk of life, some simply wanting more joy, peace, and direction and others at the end of their rope.  Discovery meets you where you are and helps you heal and gain tools to live in the present with passion and purpose.  

As we travel through life, we are hurt, hurt others, and lose our dreams. These wounds continue to impact our lives, self-esteem, and relationships. Wounded people wound… hurt people hurt… We can choose to allow the cycle to continue or we can break it–transforming our life and those around us. Discovery provides this place… a place of non-judgement, support, camaraderie and acceptance to find freedom, peace, joy, passion, and purpose.


     As a former Court-Appointed Special Advocate for abused or neglected children, advocacy for children is super-             important to me. The National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association, together with its state and local           member programs, supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy so every abused or neglected               child in the United States can be safe, have a permanent home and the opportunity to thrive.