You're a Boss. You're a Woman. 

And the success of your business depends on you. It's not enough to be great at what you do ... you need your team to be great, too.

And not just any team, but the right team - one that's motivated, hardworking, competent, confident, engaged, and feeling good about themselves, their colleagues, and their work. And who make you look like a rock star. 

Without the right people doing the right things, your business is in trouble.


We can help.

Most team development strategies being taught today just don't work:

  • Retreats singing Kumbaya!
  • Learn your data!
  • Relentless focus on the bottom line!
  • Improve your hiring practices!
  • Fix your firing practices!
  • Just create feedback loops!

These are ok tactics for average companies, but they're meh when it comes to creating and keeping a team of rockstars. A team that adds PROFIT, not EXPENSE.


The Zen of Profit's

Dream Team Builders is Different.


We teach our Boss Women cutting-edge behavioral approaches that really work...and we give you the practical techniques AND mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your team ... AND in your profits.

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